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I'll try and keep track of the time which I've spent on the project here so you can get an idea of how long each job takes.

DescriptionTime taken (hours)
Fit rear bulkhead5
Fit cockpit sides11
Fit front bulkhead7
Fit engine bay skin4
Fit floor panels7
Fit cockpit double skin4
Fit radiator double skin3
Fit battery box1
Fit pedals/steering/wishbones/hubs8
Fit rotors & set initial geometry3
Fit calipers & brake lines (rough)5
Fit radiator & fans2
Fit radiator side skins1
Fit cooling/brake lines (final)5
Fit battery tray1
Fit steering wheel & quick release2
Fit rear bulkhead sides and fix1
Fit A/C blower unit and control panel4
Fit and label loom8
Fit Gear linkage3
Fit luggage pods3
Fit body as prefitF
Remove body to fit pods/tanks3
Cockpit/luggage pod heat insulation1
Luggage pod final fit4
Fuel tank preparation & fitting4
Fire extinguisher system3
Fit sidepod brake vents7
Sidepod final fit3
Wheelarch covers4
Sill covers5
Dash preparation4
Remote steering wheel3
Wiring modifications6
Fit Footrest1
Fit seats1
Prepare dash4
Trim cockpit4
Prefit cockpit and wire dash5
Fit fuel fillers1
Fit headlights4
Fit front splitter3
Fit engine bay bulkhead insulation2
Bodywork undersealing5
Fit aircon radiator1
Fit oil cooler2
Fit oil lines2
Fit grills2
Fit fuel pumps & make fuel lines5
Refurbish transaxle3
Fit Accusump1
Prefit engine4
Fit swirlpot, expansion tank AC dryer and fuel filter5
Fit Supercharger bulkhead cap5
Fit adaptor plate & spigot bearing1
Prefit transaxle2
Fit water temperature sender (twice)2
Fit oil pressure sender1
Fit clutch1
Fit coil1
Fit ignition module1
Fit oil temperature sender1
Fit air conditioning compressor1
Modify ignition module wiring1
Fit transaxle1
Final fit oil lines1
Fit airfilter0.25
Modify dipstick bracket1
Fit silencers2
Fit starter motor1
Fill fluids1
Re-Fit water temp. sender1
Fix headlamp wiring2
Fit and polish doors3
Fit luggage pod covers1
Fit gear linkage selector arm2
Fit fuel pressure sender1
Fit inspection covers0.5
Fit hand held fire extinguisher0.5
Fit harnesses0.5
Fit rear lights1
Fit electric mirrors2
Fit gearbox vent kit2
Fit clutch master cylinder0.5
Fit suspension dampers1
Bleed brakes and clutch1
Fit throttle cable mount1
Fit rear canopy grills2.25
Calibrate Stack2
Fit throttle pedal return spring.25
Fit rear canopy insulation2
Fit rear canopy loom0.5
Fit number plate lights0.5
Fit front grills2
Oil cooler fan1
Fit Electric Water Pump4
Fit high performance fans & testing6
Fit steering wheel remote system3
Miscellaneous bits and pieces15.5

F = Factory fitted